Playing and learning with your baby from 0-4 months

From birth your baby is completely attached to you and finds nothing better than to be. Throughout the day at your Your baby loves it all sorts of games and other activities to do together with you. But how do you know what kind of exercises and games your baby could do to you?

Children between 8 and 13 weeks

Conversations among four eyes
babyGo easily to sit. Provide a helping hand. Pull your knees and put the baby on your thighs. In this position, he can make you look good. At the same time you can see all his reactions well yourself. You can talk about the things of the day. Or what you are going to do later. Who is coming. It does not matter what. The important thing is the rhythm of your voice and facial expressions. Note the reactions of the baby. So you already what excites him most. Stop when the baby shows that he has enough of. 

Together see things a baby of this age is not really in a position themselves to grab things and watch them. He begins to learn that. Pass So take a look together everything that fascinates him. From listening to your voice, he enjoys, and he learns a lot from it. Let your meanwhile always guided by his reactions.

Acceleration Game This should be done only when the baby itself can lift his head.Go there easy chair. Provide a helping hand. Pull your knees and put the baby on your thighs. He’s already something in half-sitting. Which is finer for him. Grab his arms firmly and pull slowly to sitting position. Encourage him to work in the meantime. Go only if you find it so agreeable and if he shows that he likes it. 

Bathe together He especially enjoys watching the water as it moves.And he enjoys the waves and rolling over his body. Lay the baby on your stomach and point him in the water droplets and rivulets that run off. Or lay him on his back on your stomach and put together “in a boat, take tea drinking.” Proceed slowly to the beat of the song back and forth and make small waves.

Infants between 11 and 16 weeks

At this age your baby raises the most fun when he “moved” by Mother word: slowly, quietly and smoothly. All games should moreover take very short. It’s better to play a different game than to continue with the same long. “plane” play Lift the baby slowly, preferably with a swelling or later becoming sound. He then extends naturally. Let him fly above your head. And the beginning of the fall, with an appropriate sound. If he comes to you, you will receive him with a hug-bite in the neck. You will see that the baby knows this fast approaching and all with open mouth and bites back. You will also discover that the baby opens his mouth, as if to bite, if he wants a repeat of this fly.

 Baby is the “pendulum clock” Put the baby on your knees and swing it slowly from right to left.Try all sorts of sounds that fit. Such as high speed tick-tock, a low, slow bim-bam or do after the Westminster and vary from high to lay and from fast to slow. Just what the baby that oment like best. Hold it firmly and make sure that it can easily take an meek. His head with the movement Baby sitting on a “rocking horse” Put the baby on your knees and make step movement with your legs.The baby then wobbles up and down. You can also invent a pasend sound with every step you make. Look what will your baby funny. Say “zjoeoeoem” at every step. Most babies find that at this age the most. “Hap-game” Sit down before him, and looks like the baby, go slowly and face his tummy or nose. Meanwhile, make a long sound that swells or changes of pitch, for example, “haaaaap” or “boooeeem”.

Think of the sounds that makes the baby itself. “feel to dust” Fold along with the baby you were and give him different fabrics in hands. Such as wool, cotton, terry and nylon. Pat e smoke agree with his hand over it. The baby likes to with his fingers and mouth to feel the fabrics. Try it with a piece of chamois leather and felt. Jumping or rockers lap Most babies have a lot of fun in itself endlessly repeating the same movements: He himself from sitting to standing. In one smooth motion. And he repeats this endlessly: up-and-down-up-and-down. He enjoys it and often laughs. Of course he should be well maintained.

Flying with a baby

Create a flight and take your baby, can I? Many parents wonder whether it is justified and whether it may not be for the health of their baby harmful. At what age you are allowed to fly with a baby?And how do you keep your little quiet during the flight? What exactly should you settle? All these questions are of great importance, for example, parents who want something more on holiday or are forced to travel their baby by plane.

At what age?

Newborn babies may be moved from day 7 by air, provided that the delivery has expired without complications. Preterm, premature babies are rejected by most airlines. A good advice is to advance the airline ask what criteria they use. In any case it is advisable not to fly with babies under six weeks. Because their lungs are not fully developed, flying can be dangerous. For long-haul flights are usually advised to wait for about ten months.

The cost

Babies up to two years still flying along quite advantageous. The reason is that you have to pay. Not fully seat The intention is that the baby is during the flight when one of the parent’s lap. Most companies give a substantial discount on the normal ticket, others use a fixed price for an infant ticket. If you want to take along your own seat, you must book a separate seat and pay.


There is a lot possible for an airline to your baby as comfortable as possible flight to make. It is for example possible to questions. “Bassinet” (baby) It is a kind of basket next to your seat is confirmed. Kind of a shot Your child can lie back and yourself have your hands free. The downside is that you have less space. But mostly it makes the trip a lot more enjoyable. Note that you book this bed well in advance and ask for details to what age or in what weight and height the cot is suitable. The number of places where these beds can be attached is limited. A watertight guarantee can society unfortunately not give it to the discretion of the cabin crew or they will hang.’s Bed For shorter flights, you can also just take your child on your lap. The cab person you get an extra belt, so you are transported safely.

What to bring?

If you are young parents am amazed how much stuff you need to travel with your baby. A stroller with carrycot, Maxi Cosi, possibly a baby carrier or stroller … Not to mention a complete changing bag with diapers, wipes, wet washcloths, toys, pacifiers, an extra set of clothes and possibly a changing mat. Must be remembered everywhere. We recommend your child to be transported by buggy.This can usually charge it. To the gate you can sit baby in the stroller and is handed over to the ground staff, which puts it in the hold. Also, the buggy be accepted as hand luggage.

Young babies can be included in a maxi-cosi, travel cots can usually be stored in the lockers. since November 6, 2006 there are strict rules on carrying liquids on board an aircraft. For baby food, there are exceptions to the rules: liquid baby food in quantities greater than 100 milliliters is permitted in hand luggage provided they are traveling with a baby. Boiled water to mix with baby milk powder is not allowed in cabin baggage if the amount exceeds 100 millimeters. 

Last earpiece / tips

Just like adults, can suffer from their ears get when taking off and landing above. Including babies Tricks such as swallowing, yawning or chewing gum, you unfortunately do not explain them. A good tip is to give your baby a pacifier or to drink from a bottle which should be considerably. Sucked Another tip from a flight attendant, soak a tissue / napkin in warm water and wring him well. Put him then at the bottom of a glass or cup, and put that cup over the ear of the baby. The hot steam seems to be for the little ones. Quite a nice feeling.


Despite the fact that you may be, restless little is advisable anyway to enjoy the flight and to focus on the final destination. Babies feel your mood as the best, so just try to stay calm. Do not mind too much to your fellow passengers. As parents, you do the best you also as comfortable as possible to make it for them. If this is not (completely), then you can excuse further help it.